Workstation Alpha at your service!

We are happy to announce that have refreshed our image analysis workstations including a brand new ultra-high-performance workstation called “Workstation Alpha” for your advanced image analysis tasks.

Getting this workstation has been a joint effort between the Cell Imaging and Cytometry Core (CIC), Turku BioImaging and the Finnish Advanced Light microscopy Euro-BioImaging Node. This workstation has been funded by BioCity Turku.

Workstation Alpha includes a top-end CPU and the latest GPU and a large amount of RAM, meaning that it can handle complex processing tasks on large demanding data.
One of our previous PCs now called “Workstation Beta” has also been upgraded to windows 10 and has a  bigger data drive.

Both workstations are located in the CIC office (Biocity 5th floor, Room 5077) and are bookable on open iris:

PC specs and installed programs can be found here on our web pages:

Remote usage and analysis is possible on both systems. We strongly suggest getting in touch with the CIC if you are interested.
If you have any questions please email .