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During the initial steps of the project, it is important for us to hear what are your actual needs, in the field of microscopy. For this we have prepared a short questionnaire:

We really appreciate it if you give few minutes for answering! 

What is Omero?

OMERO is an image data management system designed to support the large amount of imaging data produced in scientific research. OMERO provides an easy way to access and view image data. The image cal also be easily processed and analysed by connecting to the server.

Read more on OMERO website


How to get access to OMERO?

  1. Contact TBI-iDaT with the form below.
  2. Read documentation: How to get started with OMERO server
  3. Upload your data to OMERO server using the OMERO.insight (desktop client)
  4. View images using the OMERO.iviewer plugin
  5. Analyze images using a 3rd party tool, e.g. Fiji
  6. Generate a figure using OMERO.figure


Turku BioImaging Image Data team offers the following services

  1. Consultation
  2. Analysis service
  3. Collaboration projects

Available software

Software provided by Cell Imaging Core.

Open source software:

  • Fiji
  • Cell profiler
  • Icy
  • QuPath

under construction

Contact the image data analysis team