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Bioimage analysis toolBOX

Filopodia counter

A Fiji/ImageJ plugin that is able to perform standard analysis of colony formation assays in 6- to 24-well plates. It determines the percentage of area covered by crystal violet stained cell colonies and uses staining intensity to determine cell density.


ImageJ-plugin that is optimized to perform standard analysis of colony formation assays conducted in 6- to 24-well dishes.

Split and Merge logo

Split and Merge

Tagged image file format (TIFF) images acquired from fluorescent microscopes often contain multi-dimensional and multi-channel data. It is often required to split or rearrange the dimensionality and channels containing fluorescent intensity data. Split and Merge is a Fiji/ImageJ macro that eases this process by allowing a single-file multidimensional TIFF stack to be split into separate files, or by merging together separate files into a single TIFF stack.

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