Turku BioImaging involved in creating a new strategy for Southwest Finland

Turku BioImaging is actively involved in the preparation of a new regional strategy for Southwest Finland. The work is coordinated by the Council of Southwest Finland, and the working group includes a wide range of representatives from the cities and other regional entities, educational and research institutions and industries.

The strategy covers both larger goals with a longer time span and more concrete 4-year plans on how to reach those goals and guides for instance targeting of funding. The work has been first conducted in thematic groups that define aims, challenges and strengths in areas such as digitalization. Currently, the work is moving on into a phase where more concrete measures will be identified. In the preparation of the strategy, Turku BioImaging strongly emphasizes aspects such as scientific knowledge as the basis for decision making, the importance of the health sector, environmental values, and equal and fair opportunities in life for everyone in the region, including immigrants.

More information: Research Manager Pasi Kankaanpää, pkanka@utu.fi