PET basics course 2021

PET basics course 2021

Positron emission tomography (PET) is non-invasive and quantitative imaging modality which is used to visualize and measure rates of biochemical processes in living subjects. PET Basics course offers a broad overview to PET imaging and introduces participants to interdisciplinary nature of PET research. After the course one should have basic knowledge of the PET imaging field of its physics, radiochemistry, and data analysis, and research and clinical applications.

Full program and more information here.

Registration by March 22, 2021, to Lenita Saloranta PET BASICS

Dates: 6.–8.4.2021

Place: Zoom

Organiser: Turku PET Centre Target attendees: Physicians, scientists, PhD students, all interested in PET

Course is free of charge and worth of 2.0 credits for MSc and PhD degree.