Ocul-AR – augmented reality mobile app for learning microscopy

Ocul-AR – an augmented reality mobile app for learning microscopy is released!

The Ocul-AR mobile app is developed to guide researchers and students from training to independent microscopy users. Ocul-AR strengthens microscopy knowledge before starting of imaging session and guides users to operate microscopes independently. The paper about the Ocul-AR app is now published at Proceedings of the Technology-Enhanced Learning in Laboratories Workshop (TELL 2023):


The development of Ocul-AR is based on the collaboration between Turku BioImaging, Åbo Akademi University, the University of Turku and the Turku University of Applied sciences. The development team consists of Joanna Pylvänäinen, Laura Mairinoja, Tino Tuomisto, Junel Solis, Diana Toivola, and Pasi Kankaanpää.

The Ocul-AR project has been funded by Blue Skies funding (University of Turku), and Turku BioImging.

For more information, visit the Ocul-AR page.