Lecture: Basics of image handling using ImageJ / Fiji

Basics of image handling using Fiji is a hands-on lecture is aimed for students and researchers, who are planning to use ImageJ/Fiji for image processing and analysis but have had difficulties in getting started. You can now participate and learn some of the basic functions of Fiji.

Contents of the lecture:

– What is Fiji and how to get it?
– How to open, save and export images
– How to edit the brightness and contrast
– How to split and merge channels
– Maximum intensity projection
– Subsetting
– Image calibration and scale bars
– How to use the 3D-viewer
– Segmentation and particle analysis (exercise on nucleus counting and distribution)

Time: Friday 2.10 at 10:30-13, including a break
Where: Online through Zoom
Register by Wednesday, Sep 30th midnight: https://link.webropolsurveys.com/S/15C581A14AF45768

Participation link and training package will be provided on Oct 1st morning for the registered participants. You are expected to download the training materials and install Fiji on your laptop prior to the lecture.