Janelia Image Processing and Analysis workshop was a success!

On the last days of April Turku BioImaging was hosting a training course from expert trainers from Janelia research campus. The course covered topic such as digital image basics, image processing fundamentals, Fourier transformation in image processing, object segmentation, intensity measurements as well as object-based and pixel-based colocalization. In the second, advanced section of the course, it was explored how to use machine learning in image processing and segmentation, perform the evaluation of super-resolution image data, and analyze live-cell image data.

There was a high demand for the course and almost 100 people were applying to participate. This time only 40 were admitted, but as the interest is so high, Turku BioImaging will look into possibilities to organize similar courses in the future.

Sara Hernández Pérez

One course participant Sara Hernández Pérez wrote a very nice review of the course:

“I really enjoyed being part of the FIJI Digital Processing and Analysis Workshop organised by HHMI Janelia and Turku Bioimaging (Euro-Bioimaging Finland). Great course covering many topics: from the basics of digital images to advanced colocalization and super-resolution data handling. Although the course materials cannot be shared, here is a reading list – recommended by the course instructors – for those interested on the topic.

° Seeing is believing? A beginners’ guide to practical pitfalls in image acquisition (Alison J. North, J. Cell Biol., 2006)
° Imaging methods are vastly underrepresented biomedical research (Marques et al., eLife, 2020).
° Image co-localization – co-occurrence versus correlation (Aaron et al., J. Cell. Sci., 2018).
° Practical considerations in particle and object Tracking and Analysis (Aaron et al., Curr Prot Cell Biol., 2019).”

Thank you Sara for your nice words and sharing of the reading list. 🙂