Image Processing and Analysis workshop by Janelia Research center

Turku BioImaging presents: FIJI Image Processing and Analysis workshop organised by the Advanced Imaging Center at Janelia Research Campus in the USA:

Combining careful image acquisition with rigorous image analysis allows the extraction of quantitative data from light microscopy images to answer various biological questions. This hands-on FIJI workshop will focus on basic and more advanced image analysis steps essential for quantifying image data.

The first section of the curriculum will cover digital image basics, image processing fundamentals, Fourier transformation in image processing, object segmentation, intensity measurements as well as object-based and pixel-based colocalization. In the second, advanced section of the curriculum, we will explore how to use machine learning in image processing and segmentation, perform the evaluation of super-resolution image data, and analyze live-cell image data. The workshop will conclude with a lecture on advanced imaging techniques available to you at the Advanced Imaging Center at the HHMI Janelia Research Campus, followed by a panel discussion on how to design hypothesis-driven, quantitative microscopy experiments and also proper reporting of your microscopy experiments.

The course is aimed for MSc and PhD students and other scientific staff who are studying or working in Finnish universities and interested in image analysis. Course participants will be selected according to their motivation indicated in the registration form. Participation in all the course lectures is mandatory to complete the course. Certificates of attendance will be provided if needed, please indicate this in the registration form.

When: April 27-28 and May 4-6 (5 days) 14-18 all days
Where: online, the link will be provided later to the participants
Registration by Friday, April 16th at 15.00: