Image analysis lecture by Pasi Kankaanpää

Don’t forget the image analysis lecture Wednesday June 12 at 13.00-16.30 in Pharmacity 1 Auditorium. You will learn fundamentals of image analysis and much more! Mode detailed topics here:

Fundamentals of image analysis

– What are digital microscopy images
– What needs to be considered when dealing with them
– How are different intensity values typically processed
– 3D/4D image data

Quantitative imaging workflow, e.g.

– What needs to be considered during image acquisition
– Pre-processing images before analysis
– The fundamentals of analyzing and 3D-rendering images

Available image analysis software, e.g.

– What tools are available
– How to find the right tools and workflows

Ethics, good practice and case studies, e.g.

– Real life case studies of image analysis, including the image acquisition stage
– What are you allowed to do to your images and what not?
– Examples of inappropriate image analysis, cheating or not?
– Is deep learning a solution to the many challenges of image analysis?
– Guidelines in a nutshell towards successful image analysis