Great start for the year, positive funding decision!

Turku BioImaging has been granted funding for 450k€ for launching of operations of the Euro-BioImaging ERIC Headquarters.

Turku BioImaging was successfully granted a 450k€ funding for the launching of operations of the Euro-BioImaging ERIC Headquarters. The funding was granted by the Academy in Finland, in their call for Infrastructures already existing on the Finnish roadmap. This funding will ensure the launching and critical operations development of a strong EuBI ERIC Headquarters in Turku.

The funding was applied in collaboration with University of Turku and Åbo Akademi University and the funding will be allocated even between both institutes. The funding will cover for the salaries of the operational staff, required until the EuBI ERIC Member State payments will cover all central operations and until services have been developed to a sustainable level.

The decision is available in brief on the Academy of Finland website.