Euro-BioImaging Finland to the national roadmap

The Academy of Finland has selected Euro-BioImaging Finland to the national roadmap of research infrastructures 2021-2024. Euro-BioImaging Finland is the Finnish service organization of Euro-BioImaging, consisting of the two Finnish Euro-BioImaging Nodes: the Advanced Light Microscopy Node and the Biomedical Imaging Node. Euro-BioImaging Finland is coordinated by Turku BioImaging and covers the country’s key open access services in both biological and medical imaging, all together at 6 universities and 3 university hospitals.

Euro-BioImaging Finland was evaluated very highly, as being an excellent example of how a research infrastructure should be organized that provides both national and international services and activities. The Finnish imaging community now has a unique framework under which to develop advanced imaging on multiple fronts.

More information:
Turku BioImaging Research Managers Pasi Kankaanpää ( and Tiina Saanijoki (