canSERV open call to support cancer research – apply for FREE imaging and image analysis service

We are happy to announce that the second EU-funded canSERV call is open and is now accepting applications to support cancer research projects. The researchers can apply for FREE SERVICES at several European Research Infrastructures, including Euro-BioImaging ERIC. Deadline for proposal submission is May 21st, 2024, 14:00 CEST.

Within this canSERV call, our Finnish Advanced Microscopy Node (FiAM) and Finnish Biomedical Imaging Node (FiBI) are providing open-access imaging technologies and expert services to both academic and SMEs users:


  • Multimodal Advanced Light Microscopy (includes image analysis),
  • Super-Resolution Microscopy,
  • Electron Microscopy and CLEM,
  • Mesoscopic Imaging,
  • High Throughput Microscopy/High Content Screening


  • Intravital microscopy,
  • MagnetoEncephaloGraphy & MRI,
  • Preclinical MRI,
  • Preclinical PET-CT Imaging,
  • Preclinical SPECT-CT Imaging.

Within this canSERV call, in Turku, you can apply for FREE access to following services:

Some important highlights:

  • All external users even those from Finland are eligible to apply for FiAM and FiBI services via the canSERV call
  • Projects applying for less than 3 services and with an overall budget of less than 15 000 euros, will be reviewed in fast-track. This means they will not have to wait for the May 21st, 2024 deadline to enter review and can potentially be processed and approved much quicker.
  • Even though image analysis is not listed as a separate service, users can apply for it via Multimodal ALM, even for standalone image analysis projects


Submission workflow:

1. Preparation: Start your application by contacting the staff of the FiAM and FiBI Nodes to discuss a potential project, and inquire about imaging technologies, services, and the practicalities of the visit. In addition, visit the webpages of FiAM imaging facilities and FiBI imaging facilities.

2. Selection: Enter canSERV Common Access Management System, and select the services you are interested in:

Service Field 2 “Advanced Technologies for Personalised Oncology” -> Service category “Imaging” -> country “Finland” -> Choose the specific service from the list (e.g. Multimodal Advanced Light Microscopy) -> Select “Request” ans “Start your proposal in ARIA”

3. Submission: After the selection step, you will be asked to fill in and submit our short application form describing your research proposal.

Please check the service field guidelines when submitting your application (Service Field 2 “Advanced Technologies for Personalised Oncology”).

4. Evaluation: An independent review panel (IRP) will evaluate submitted applications. The final decision will be taken by the canSERV Scientific and Management Board for approval or rejection based on the IRP evaluation outcome and available budget.

5. Service provision: If approved, the service provision may start either immediately or as agreed with the imaging facility


The full call text, including user guidelines and other useful information, and the canSERV catalog of services are linked here and can be accessed via and via If you have any questions or need help with making the application, please do not hesitate to contact or our Node Managers, who are more than happy to assist you: Irina Belaia, FiAM Node Manager, and Tiina Saanijoki, FiBI Node manager