Biomedical Imaging Master’s Programme at Receptor Cruise 2021

Receptor programme is a research programme with high focus on cell signal processing and reception. The programme includes little less than 30 research groups from both ÅAU and UTU.


Receptor cruise is an event organised annually, with a goal of promoting collaboration between the individual research groups, by gathering them in order to present their work. What was particularly interesting on this years Receptor Cruise was the amount of previous and current Biomedical Imaging students. Head of the BIMA for ÅAU, Diana Toivola was so excited to meet all of the students at the cruise, and to take a few pictures with them. This is a great show of how broad of a programme Biomedical Imaging is, and how successful are our students in a research world and integrate in the local community. It was great to meet them all and we wish them all the luck in their exciting careers.


Take a glimpse of the atmosphere from a small compilation of the photos included. Until the next Receptor Cruise !


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