BIMA graduate returning to Turku for a talk

Turku BioImaging would like to invite you to a special seminar to hear former Biomedical Imaging student Peter Kunnas presenting his current research at the INM-Leibniz Institute for New Materials.

The topic of his talk is: 
“Liquid-phase electron microscopy: from colloidal dynamics to transmembrane proteins in whole SKBR3 cells”

In his own words:
“In the lecture I would like to give a short introduction on Liquid-phase Electron Microscopy (LPEM) and highlight some state-of-the-art work done at this moment in the field. I would also like to share part of the work done in our group. In the Innovative Electron Microscopy group, our focus is on resolving the locations of individual membrane proteins on a level of a single cell. Secondly, we study processes of colloids and biomolecules  at the solid-liquid interface.”
The seminar will be on next week Monday, November 26th 2018, at 13.00 in the 5th floor BTK seminar room. See you there!