Basic concepts in BioImage analysis

Turku BioImaging in collaboration with the Finnish Advanced light microscopy node is organising a course in Basic concepts in BioImage analysis. The course will be taught by two experts in image analysis: Christian Tischer from EMBL Heidelberg and Pasi Kankaanpää Turku BioImaging. The course is organised in two parts. The first part, day 1 is open for everyone interested. For the second part (day 2-3), registration will be required. Please note that maximum of 25 participants can be selected to the hands-on part. The participants will be selected based on their imaging background and suitability for the course. It is required to have experience in imaging to be eligible for the course.


DAY 1 –Introduction to image analysis (open to general public)

What is a digital image?
Quantitative microscopy workflow
Available image analysis software
Image analysis ethics: background and case studies

DAY 2 –Image analysis concepts (max 25 participants selected)

Pixel data types, look-up tables, and results visualization
Convolution, segmentation, intensity and object shape measurements, and much more

DAY 3 –Hands-on training (max 25 participants selected)

ImageJ macro programming essentials
ImageJ hands-on training with going through participants’ own image analysis problems

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