28th BioCity Symposium succeeded in enabling people to “see the invisible”

The 28th annual BioCity Symposium, with the theme “Seeing the invisible”, was packed with world class speakers representing all aspects of state-of-the-art imaging in biomedical sciences, among them Nobel winner Stefan Hell.

The event was visited by 400 scientists and students presenting their own work with high quality posters and talks, as well as numerous companies showcasing their latest developments in imaging. The symposium offered fascinating insights and never-before-seen results from several fields of science, ranging from medical studies of diseases and advances in engineering to detailed analyses of intracellular molecules and the development of computerized data analysis.

The speaker lineup, the quality of the science and the practical arrangements were all about as good as it can get in the global science scene, and for two days the eyes of the imaging world were heavily focused on Turku. During the breaks, many participants and speakers could be heard discussing that this was one of the best symposia they had attended recently. It would seem that the 28th BioCity Symposium truly succeeded in enabling people to “see the invisible”.