Symposium program

Thursday 31st of October – Scientific program

10.00 Registration

11.00 Opening words: Rector Kalervo Väänänen

11.15 Pekka Hänninen – University of Turku

         “20 years of super resolution – The next 20 years”

11.45 Gregory Giannone Institut Interdisciplinaire de Neuroscience, Bordeaux, France

         ” Deciphering the regulation of integrin activation at nanoscale”

12.30 Break

13.15 Hao Zhang – Northwestern Univeristy, Chicago, USA

          “Super-resolution optical microscopy at depth”

14.00 Jeroen Pouwels – Turku Centre for Biotechnology

         “SHARPIN Regulates Uropod Detachment in Migrating Lymphocytes”

14.15 Daniel Abankwa – Turku Centre for Biotechnology, Åbo Akademi University

         “Superresolution methods reveal that tumor associated Ras mutations perturb

            its nanoscale membrane organization”

14.45 Coffee

15.00 Stefan Hell – Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry, Göttingen, Germany

          “Nanoscopy with focused light”

16.00 Cheng Sun – Northwestern Univeristy, Chicago, USA

           ” Imaging beyond the diffraction limit using optical metamaterials” 

16.45 Break

17.00 Sebastian Tille – Leica Microsystems

          “Leica Microsystems – Super resoltuion for past and coming years”

17.30 Neeraj Prabhakar –  Åbo Akademi University and University of Turku

        “Carbon nanostructures and their composites for diagnostic nanomedicine”

17.45 Ilya Belevich – University of Helsinki

        “Microscopy Image Browser is a new open-source tool for effective 3D segmentation  and analysis of cellular organelles”

18.00 Pasi Kankaanpää – Cell Imaging Core, Turku Centre for Biotechnology

          ” Image analysis of the next generation”

Closing remarks

Buffet and poster session


Friday 1st of November – Technology transfer and Industry

9.00 John Eriksson, Åbo Akademi University – “Advanced European imaging infrasrtuctures serving basic research, preclinical development, and tech transfer initiatives”

9.30 Stefan Hell & Pekka Hänninen – ”The Bumpy Path From Scientific Innovation to Real Products” – an interactive talk/discussion

10.00 Coffee

10.30 Hanna Halme, Biocelex – “Survey of bioimaging needs in Finnish industry”

11.00 Vesa Hautala & Petteri Sinervo, Business and Innovation Development Unit, University of Turku

11.30 Juha Laiho, Photonics Finland –  “Photonics Finland – bright innovation network”

12.00 Markku Jalkanen, Faron Pharmaceuticals

12.30 Timo Teimonen, Newentures – “How to turn great technologies into winning businesses!”

Closing the symposium