Studying in Turku



In addition to first-rate education, Turku is an excellent place to live for students.

Why you wonder? Well, we’ll tell you!


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The Student Village Foundation of Turku (TYS) was founded by the Student Union of Turku University and it specially builds, renovates, maintains and rents apartments for students in the Turku area. TYS has around 7 300 apartment places and 19 housing locations. As these apartments are specially directed to students, the rent prices are affordable and you can rent a room starting from 200 € (21 m2). All TYS apartment rents include water, electricity, Internet connection and sauna turns.

More information from TYS.



With a valid Finnish university student card you have the right to free Finnish Student Health Service (FSHS). The health services provided are general practitioners and specialists, nursing care and physiotherapy as well as x-ray and laboratory work. FSHS also provides assistance in managing yourself during your studies. FSHS mental health services include mental health counselling, psychotherapy and psychiatric care.  Dental care is also included to FSHS and fees are from 16€ to max. 30€.

For the special care such as hospital care and some specialist services, students who have Turku as their place of residence have the right to municipal health care.


Student lunches

As the university students you will have an opportunity to offered government-subsidised student lunches for €2.60, which usually includes the main dish, side salad, bread, water and a non-alcoholic drink (e.g. milk or juice). Students are expected to show a valid student card each time to get the student-priced lunch. You can find dozens of student cafeterias around the campus area.


Freely available courses

As a student of the University of Turku or Åbo Akademi you have a right to take any courses provided by the universities freely. Both universities provide high quality education in English language in many fields of study. There is also a great possibility to study various languages in the university’s language centre. Some limitations may occur with some of the practical courses where the amount of participants is more limited.


50% off the transportation

With the valid student card you will automatically have 50% off all your bus and train tickets in Finland (discount not valid for flight tickets).

One month bus card for the whole Turku area costs 33€ (for student) and it can be used unlimitedly.




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