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The Master´s Programme in Biomedical Imaging is jointly administered by both the Department of Biosciences at Åbo Akademi University and the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Turku. Students can apply to either Åbo Akademi University or the University of Turku.

NOTE: In order to increase the chances of being admitted to the Master´s programme, applicants are advised to apply to both Åbo Akademi University and the University of Turku. The applicants must also put the universities applied to in order of preference.

The eligible applicants should have sufficient background knowledge in medical, biological and/or natural sciences, and they should have completed a lower university degree equivalent to a Finnish B.Sc. degree in the Life Sciences or in a relevant field (biomedical sciences, physics, engineering or chemistry).

No tuition fee for European students. The tuition fee is 12 000€/year for students applying outside the EU/EEA -area. Scholarships are available. Please find more information about tuition fees and scholarships in Åbo Akademi web and University of Turku web.


The application time for studies starting in September 2019 will be 3rd of December  2018 – 31st of January 2019.



1) Please read the admission criteria of the universities carefully:

University of Turku admission criteria

Åbo Akademi University admission criteria

2) Book and take the language test in advance.

All applicants to the International Master’s Programmes taught in English must always prove their level of proficiency in the English language. Please find more info about language requirements in Åbo Akademi and University of Turku.

3) Candidates apply to the programme via Studyinfo portal, where the online application is being filled in. Please note, that the online application is only open during the application period.

4) Fill in the required information with care and submit the online application template. Please note that to apply to the both universities the applicants must complete an online applications to both universities and send in two sets of enclosures. In the online application form, it is enough that you attach you enclosures electronically. In case one of the universities need the hard copies, they will contact you personally.

5) Submit the application and send all the required enclosures.



Applying to the University of Turku

Applying to Åbo Akademi University

Please do not hesitate to contact us by email: bima-office(at)

Or University Admission Offices:

University of Turku: admissions(at)

Åbo Akademi: admission(at)

Please see also Åbo Akademi webinars about application process.