The studies consist of mandatory courses of biology, physics, engineering, microscopic euromembrane2editapplications, image processing, multimedia and ethics. They aim to give the student the required basic knowledge in the field of biomedical imaging.

Students can select elective courses from a variety of applicable topics according to their interests.

Studies also include a Master’s Thesis  in one of the four specialization themes:

•  Light microscopy imaging

•  In vivo & Clinical Imaging

•  Imaging in Nanotechnology and Material Sciences

•  Microscopy techniques and instrument design


See Biomedical Imaging course structure for detailed information about the mandatory and selectable courses.


Biomedical Imaging programme course calendars

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Download the calendar for 1st year students/mandatory studies here.

Download the calendar for 2nd year students/selective studies here.

In any questions regarding the courses, please contact the coordinators:


More information on courses, see programme study guides:

University of Turku Study guide 2017-2018

Åbo Akademi Study guide 2017-2018


Links to other sources of course information:

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