Call for Bioimages

Bioimage competition will be organized in conjunction with the poster session. All seminar participants can send their own bioimage in advance for the competition. Best bioimage will be awarded based on voting in the exhibition.

Deadline for Bioimage submission is August 7th, 2015


Specifications for the image:

  • Acquire and submit images digitally in the highest possible quality, in terms of pixel density (resolution) and bit depth.
  • Please submit images in JPEG, TIFF or PNG format, using no or minimal compression.
  • Keep file size as large as possible, but below 100 MB (recommended minum file size 3 MB).

Instructions for submitting the image:

1. If you have HAKA username (for example UTU or ÅA), sign in here:

2. Download the image and add information:

To: tbi-office(at)
From: your email adress
Expiry date: 14 days
Accept the terms and conditions
-> Send

3. If you are not able to download the image via CSC FileSender service, please use WeTransfer application.

4. Include either in the WeTransfer “message” part or separately vie email (tbi-office(at)‎) the following information:
– title of the image
– by who and where the image has been taken
– details about your image (scientific background, techniques used etc.)

Winner of the best bioimage competition will receive Nokia Lumia smartphone with ZEISS optics.

Image by Elli Narvi from When Life is Art bioimage competition 2011