Hall of Fame


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Programme graduates and thesis titles



Govardhanam Narayana Prakirth – “Development of nanoantibiotics and evaluation via in vitro and in vivo imaging” LinkedIn

Jakko Suominen – “3D printed UV-curable polydimethylsiloxane scaffolds loaded with bovine serum albumin” LinkedIn

Maria Rafaeva – “Metabolism as a regulator of integrin activity and cancer cell metastasis”

Auchynnikava Tatsiana – “68Ga-NOTA-Siglec-9 – a new Vascular Adhesion Protein-1 targeted agent for inflammation imaging”

Thapa Keshav – “The Role of Keratin 8 Intermediate Filaments on Calveolin-1 Function in the Colon”

Kaveh Nik – “” LinkedIn



Ezgi Özliseli- “Development of novel imaging probes and related methods for cellular labeling and tracking” LinkedIn

Kai-Lan Lin- “A Study on the Recycling Mechanism of Dap160, a Scaffolding Protein in the Neuromuscular Junction of/Drosophila melanogaster/ Larvae” LinkedIn

Kaveh Nik Jamal – “Three-dimentional fourier analysis of electron microscopy to characterize diffusion tensor imaging data” LinkedIn

Laura Mairinoja – “Keratin 8 modulates the HIF1α signaling pathway in colon epithelial cells” LinkedIn

Marjukka Elmeranta – “Stimulated emission depletion microscopy of sub-diffraction polymerized structures fabricated with two-beam direct laser writing lithography” LinkedIn

Piryanka Motiani – “Exercise and brown adipose tissue activation in humans (EXEBAT)” LinkedIn

Natalia Gurvits –  “Optimization of immunofluorescence protocols for detection of biomarkers in colorectal and breast cancer tissues”



Alexander Morin- “On the mechanics of regummed Bombyx mori silk composites”

Basit Iqbal Butt-  “Stromal interaction molecule 1 and its role in the regulation, proliferation and protein expression in follicular ML-1 thyroid cancer cells”

Behnoush Foroutan– “Myocardial free fatty acid uptake before and after bariatric surgery induced weight loss”

Bettina Hutz – “Protein interactions in mitochondrial nucleoids before and after the knock-down of the mitochondrial inner membrane protein ATAD3”

Dareen Mustafa Fteita-  “Ultrastructural changes of Fusobacterium nucleatum as a defense mechanism against human neutrophil peptide-1 – A Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) study”

Elena Tcarenkova-  “Developing Correlative Optical-Photoacoustic Microscopy for high-resolution in vivo imaging”

Elnaz Fazeli- “Signaling at Cell-ECM Contact of Resorbing Osteoclasts”

Guru Prasad Padmasola“Exploring the feasibility of Al18F-nota folate tracer for assessment of atherosclerotic plaques in mice”

Hend Abdelkader- “The role of vimentin in lymphangiogenesis using 3D and chorioallantoic membrane systems”

Henok Karvonen- “Insights into skeletal muscles of Nestin deficient mice”

Kartik Chary – n/a

Madis Lõhmus – “Morphology of the Inner Mitochondrial Membrane”

Marika Vainio (Jaakkola) – “Antigen uptake and intracellular processing in B cells”

Mehrbod Mohammadian – “Anatomical references and image analysis software in small animal brain imaging with PET tracers”

Mojtaba Jafari Tadi – “An Accelerometer-Based Method for Simultaneous Extraction of Respiratory and Cardiac Gating Signals for Nuclear Medicine Imaging.”

Mohamed El Missiry – “Combination of leukocyte phenotype with phosphoflow and cell size in the study of hematological conditions.”

Muhammad Arsalan Khan – “Rotating Frame Relaxation Measurements in Experimental Acute Phase Cardiac Infarct in vivo”

Natalia Tong Ochoa- “Mapping of AMACR and TMPRSS2-ERG fusion gene expression in human prostate”

Prince Yaw Dadson- “Effects of bariatric Surgery on Abdominal Adipose Tissue Distribution in Severely Obese Patients”

Sanaz Nazari Farsani – “Precision and Accuracy of Marker-Based and Model-Based Radiostereometric Analyses in Determination of Three Dimensional Micromotion of a Hip Stem”

Sheyla Estefani Cisneros Montalvo-  “Analysis of testicular cell populations using flow cytometry”

Shereif Haykal- “Evaluation of Transcatheter Aortic Implantation candidates using Computed Tomography”

Wajiha Bano – “Accuracy and Precision of Advanced T2 mapping in Cardiac Magnbetic Resonance Imaging



Peter Ngum – “Prevalence of Perfusion-Diffusion Mismatch in Acute Stoke Patients”

Pranshu Sahgal – “Regulators in Integrin trafficking”

Shaila Ferdous Ahsan – “Effect of Exercise on Skeletal Muscle Mass in Frail Elderly Women”

Yonas Mekuria – “Clinical Application of of Electronic Portal Imaging Device (EPID) and its quality control”

Ahmed Musrati – “Dental CT Scanners and Physical Quality Parameters”

Daniel Ebot – “The role of keratin intermediate filaments for the function of pancreatic islets and type 1 diabetes”

Eric Kaaru – “Imaging the development of testicular inflammation and fibrosis in vivo

Jonas Silvander – “Subcellular Localization of Keratins in Colonocytes”

Joanna Pylvänäinen – “Lymphatic and vascular endothelium as barriers for transendothelial migration of breast cancer cells”

Mueez U Din – “Differentiation of Metabolically Distinct Areas within Head and Neck Region using Dynamic 18F-FDG Positron Emission Tomography Imaging”

Neeraj Prabhakar – “Nanodiamonds as novel optical probes in Bioimaging”

Patrik Hollos – “Use of novel photonic tools for spatio-temporal studies in neurons”

Petra Miikkulainen – “The effect of HIF prolyl hydroxylase PHD3 on activating migration and growth of carcinoma cells”

Sergio Rondinelli – “Sub-cellular distribution of syndecan-4 adhesion receptor”

Susanne Vainio – “Evaluation of a novel TSPO PET radioligand for neuroinflammation”

Shkar Maruf – “Evaluation of myocardial perfusion imaging using positron emission tomography and 15O-water in myocardial infarction and heart failure”

Yaqi Qui – “Dietary factors affecting human aromatase gene reporter expression in normal tissues and cancer; focus on mammary gland and breast cancer”



Habib Baghirov – “Permeability of mesoporous silica nanoparticles across an in vitro blood-brain barrier model”


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