2nd National High-Content Analysis and High-Throughput Microscopy Workshop

19-20 June 2017 Pharmacity, Turku

Organisers: Michael Courtney and Malin Åkerfelt, TBI Screening Unit, Turku Centre for Biotechnology/Institute of Biomedicine
Themes: Infrastructure, Applications, Software-Datamining-Modelling, Panel Discussion

Venue: Pharmacity Auditorium, Exhibition in Pharmacity2, Demos TBD


Day 1

09:00 Welcome and Introduction to the workshop and the theme/Michael Courtney, TBI-SU and TCB


Session 1 – Networks and Infrastructures –  Europe, Finland and Specific Sites

09:15 “Euro-BioImaging: open imaging infrastructure at the European level – update on status and HCA services”, Pasi Kankaanpää, Turku Bioimaging

09:45 “National bioimaging infrastructures – Finnish Advanced Light Microscopy Node of Euro-BioImaging and Biocenter Finland”, Camilo Guzman, Turku Bioimaging

10:05 Turku: “High-Content Microscopy at the Cell Imaging Core”, Jouko Sandholm, Cell Imaging Core, Turku Centre for Biotechnology

10:25 Turku: “The TBI-Screening Unit, a new facility offering instrumentation, expertise and assay development for HCA, HCS and HTM”, Michael Courtney, TBI-SU and Turku Centre for Biotechnology

10:45 Coffee break and exhibition in Pharmacy 2

11:00 Helsinki: “The new FIMM High-content imaging and analysis core unit”, Lassi Paavolainen, FIMM

11:30 Oulu: “High-content microscopy at University of Oulu; approaches and strategies”, Lauri Eklund, University of Oulu

12:00 Lunchbreak and exhibition


Session 2 – Instruments on the Market and Demonstrations – Company presentations

12:45 Thermo Fisher

13:05 Biotek (AH Diagnostics)

13:20 Perkin Elmer

13:40 Molecular Devices

13:55 Information about the demonstrations

14:00-15:00 Demonstration #1 Demo Sessions, exhibits and coffee


#1 Demo Session 14:00-15:00 Demonstration , exhibits and coffee


Session 3A – Applications Part A

15:00 “UTU –HCA-HTM cell signalling assay platform at TBI-SU”, Michael Courtney, TBI-SU and Turku Centre for Biotechnology

15:20 “Targeting filopodia to block cancer cell invasion”, Guillaume Jacquamet, Turku Centre for Biotechnology

15:40 “High-throughput analysis of subpopulation-specific drug sensitivities in primary cancer cells using imaging-based BH3 profiling” Daria Bulanova, FIMM

16:00 End of lectures


Day 2

Session 3B – Applications Part B

09:00 “Development of semi-automated image cytometry pipelines for high-throughput and immuno-oncological precision medicine”, Markus Vähä-Koskela, FIMM

09:20 “Image-based phenotypic profiling of patient-derived cancer cells” Lassi Paavolainen, FIMM

09:40 “Organotypic cell culture models for high content screening in cancer drug discovery”, Matthias Nees, TBI-SU and Institute of Biomedicine, Turku

10:00 “Modelling drug-induced differentiation-state plasticity in ex vivo therapy efficacy screens for solid cancers” Juha Rantala, Misvik OY

10:20 Oulu “High-content microscopy at University of Oulu; approaches and strategies”, Antti Hassinen, University of Oulu

10:40 Coffee break and exhibition

Session 4 – Software, Data Mining, Modelling and IT infrastructure

11:00 BioImageXD and application to HCA and HTM datasets/Speaker TBD

11:20 ”Image Segmentation from a Mathematical Perspective”– Sean Robinson, TBI-SU and Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Turku

11:40 “Quantification of drug responses in organotypic cell cultures by automated image analysis” Malin Åkerfelt, TBI-SU and Institute of Biomedicine, Turku

12:00 “Web viewer and analysis tools for high-throughput and immuno-oncological precision medicine”, Liye He and Markus Vähäkoskela, FIMM

12:20 “Data Analyses of Subpopulation Drug Responses”, Jing Tang, FIMM and Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Turku

12:40 BF – Local and National IT infrastructure for Data Management/Jukka Lehtonen, Åbo Academy University

13:00 Lunchbreak and exhibition

14:00 Exhibits and Demo session #2


Session 5 –Panel Question and Answer Session – present options solutions and approaches; future needs

15:00 Panel members: Representatives from imaging units at FIMM, TBI, CIC, TIC, and the bioinformatics community.

16:00 Close of the meeting

Extended Registration Deadline 13 June at https://www.webropolsurveys.com/S/56F2A06BAA118B90.par

Contact: Michael Courtney (miccou[at]utu.fi), Malin Åkerfelt (malake[at]utu.fi)

Sponsors: Thermo Fisher, AH diagnostics, Perkin Elmer, Molecular Devices, Bionordika, Immuno Diagnostic OY, Turku Centre for Biotechnology