MSc Degree Programme in Biomedical Imaging – MSc thesis seminar

11th of December 2017 at 13.00 in PharmaCity Auditorium Pha1, Turku

BIMA excursion to imaging facilities in Helsinki

22nd of November 2017, Helsinki

Webinar about Masters Degree Programme in Biomedical Imaging

15th of November 2017, online

Researchers night by Turku BioImaging

29th of September 2017, BioCity, Turku

2nd National High-Content Analysis and High-Throughput Microscopy Workshop

19 -20 of June 2017, PharmaCity, Turku

MSc Degree Programme in Biomedical Imaging – Annual BIMA video gala

15th of May 2017 at 10.00 in PharmaCity Auditorium, Turku

MSc Degree Programme in Biomedical Imaging – MSc thesis seminar

9th of May 2017 at 13.00 in BioCity 3rd floor Biochemistry class room, Turku

Bridging Nordic Imaging I

Turku, Arken. August 13th-14th 2015.

Lost In Imaging -seminar series

Organized by Cell Imaging Core at Turku Centre for Biotechnology every other Wednesday. See autumn 2014 programme here. Follow as a webinar at BTK virtual meeting room.

InterBioFinnovation – Image analysis course

One week Image analysis course in collaboration with ISBS Paris on 24-28.11.2014, Turku.

Super-resolution: light microscopy for the 21st century (Webinar)

Follow the super-resolution webinar here.

From picture to publication course with with a special practical workshop

Organized by BioCity Turku network of doctoral programmes, Turku BioImaging, Cell Imaging Core at CBT, and the Systems Biology Laboratory in the University of Helsinki.

Mon 12th of May and Thu 15th of May in Turku, Finland.

20 years of super resolution – The next 20 years -symposium

October 31st and November 1st, 2013 in Mauno Koivisto -centre, BioCity Turku, Finland. Accompanied with Leica 3D GSD workshop.

Biocenter Finland Imaging personnel meeting 2012

Kuopio, September 10-11th, 2012. Registration (deadline August 31th, 2012!)

Matrix Training course

The course will be organized in Turku (September 4th, 2012) and in Helsinki (September 5th).

Summer Course on Light Microscopy and Image Analysis

August 7-10th, 2012, BioCity, Turku. See updated course programme here.

Capital of Science, BioCity Turku, April 11-12, 2012

MSc Degree Programme in Biomedical Imaging – MSc thesis seminar on Friday March 30th at 12.00


EuroMEMBRANE Workshop on “High-resolution imaging of membranes and membrane interactions”

Turku, Finland, March 14-16th, 2012

3rd Euro-BioImaging Stakeholder Meeting

Heidelberg, Germany, January 30-31, 2012

Euro-BioImaging Proof-of-Concept Studies: CALL for USERS open now!

Extended Deadline November 30th, 2011

AFM Workshop in Turku

November 2, 2011

A nationwide”Pathology Training Programme in Disease Modelling”

Will begin in January 2012. Please find more information here. Application deadline October 31, 2011

Biocenter Finland Infrastructure day

October 13, 2011, Turku

Imaging personnel meeting September

September 26.-27. 2011, Turku

Observing the invisible – Novel Imaging Horizons

August 10, 2011

XII PET Symposium 2011

28. – 31.5. 2011 Turku, Finland

Zeiss on your Campus

27.-29.4.2011, BioCity, Turku
Travel to New Dimensions & Bioimage XD microscopy image processing software training.

Turku BioImaging Open House

June 15, 2010, Biocity, Turku

Animal Imaging Workshop

November 5, 2009, Turku
Organised by the Cell Imaging Core, the Turku Centre for Biotechnology and the Turku PET Center.

Turku BioImaging Seminar

Wed 24.6. 2009 at 11.00, Mauno Koivisto Lecture room, BioCity Turku
Dr. Roger Johnson, Biodesign Institute, Arizona University, “Physiological analysis and light-tomographic imaging of single cells”.

Phenotype Characterization of Genetically Modified Mouse Models

Animal Imaging, May 18-19, 2009, BioCity Turku.

Mass Spectrometry Imaging Course

March 16-20, 2009, FOM institute, Amsterdam
The course organized by the Nordic Signals Network.

Atomic Force Microscopy – A Novel Tool for Molecular and Structural Biology

November 11-13, 2008, BioCity Turku
Lecture course and workshop organized by Turku Bioimaging and National Graduate School in Nanoscience.

Basic Techniques in Light Microscopy

Tuesdays at 14.15 to 15.45. Starts on September 30, 2008
ORGANIZER AND LECTURER: Professor Lauri J. Pelliniemi, Laboratory of Electron Microscopy