Bioimage competition

Turku BioImaging is announcing a Bioimage competition – closed!


The competition is for images acquired with any available imaging modality. The images will be presented during the Biocity Symposium 1-2.9.2016.

The award for the best image will be decided by popular vote and announced at the Imaging Awards Ceremony during the conference dinner. Symposium participants are asked to judge the images based on how visually compelling and original they are. The images can be sent as non-processed but you are encouraged to use any image processing technique that you think would give your image an extra edge!

You can find inspiration from “Life is art” -image competition here.


The competition has been now closed.

The best image will win a GoPro-camera!

All contest participants will be invited to a cocktail hour  during the exhibition opening on August 31st.




  • Original image should be a scientific image of a biological or medical specimen.
  • Image processing/photoshopping is allowed.
  • Two entries per person allowed.
  • Images that have won prizes in other competitions are not eligible.


Specifications for the image

  • The images will be printed on an approximately A3 size paper (297mm × 420mm).
  • The image should be acquired and submitted in the highest possible quality.
  • The image resolution should be minimum 300 dpi.
  • The Image should be in CMYK color mode.
  • Please submit images in TIFF or PSD format.
  • Keep file size as large as possible, but below 100 MB (recommended minimum file size 3 MB).



  • To submit your image, fill in this form. We will then send you a link though which you can send you high resolution image.
  • You image should be named: initial_surname.jpeg (e.g. a_einstein.jpeg)
  • The deadline for entries is August 26th 2016.



  • Entries will be anonymised prior to judging and decided by popular vote.


You can read the complete rules here.

If you need more information, please contact Joanna Pylvänäinen jpylvana(a)