Open position – Advanced Microscopy Research Associate, Janelia Farm, USA

Published Monday, July 30th, 2018

The AIC Advanced Microscopy Research Associate program offers early career scientists (recent graduates from PhD programs) a unique opportunity at Janelia Research Campus to apply their expert skills in advanced quantitative microscopy techniques including single-molecule imaging, super-resolution microscopy, light sheet microscopy, focused ion-beam scanning electron microscopy, data handling, and image analysis, while learning the key skills needed to manage a large, international, heavily-used core facility.

The ideal candidate should have a focused career goal of becoming an intergral part of an shared imaging center in the future. The Research Associate will learn to provide technical consultation to users in selecting and applying the appropriate techniques to a wide range of biological specimens using a variety of experimental approaches, and how to strategize quantitative approaches to imaging.

The Research Associate also has the opportunity to identify additional responsibilities that match his/her interests, such as: organizing and teaching microscopy lectures and workshops; organizing microscopy discussion groups/journal clubs; developing protocols for testing equipment performance; designing and/or implementing novel or custom imaging or analysis techniques. The Research Associate will also have superb opportunities to establish contact with visiting scientists from all over the world, paving the way for a successful career path.

If your are interested please read the full description here.

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