Greetings from symposium on Advanced Imaging Techniques in Helsinki

Published Tuesday, March 13th, 2018

Annual Symposium on advanced imaging techniques

The second annual Special symposium on advanced imaging techniques was held on 8-9 March 2018. Organised by the Institute of Biotechnology Helsinki, the symposium hosted national and international speakers from institutes including Biomedicum Imaging Unit (Helsinki), The Francis Crick Institute (UK), Max Planck Institute ofMolecular Cell Biology and Genetics (Germany) and the Morgridge Institute for Research (USA).

Turku was well presented at the seminar, especially by Biomedical Imaging students. Image by Diana Toivola.

Topics encompassed many core methodologies and leading-edge techniques such as live cell imaging, image analysis, cryo-electron microscopy, traction force microscopy, light sheet microscopy, correlation imaging, STED and RESOLFT super-resolution microscopy.
The symposium was attended by over a hundred enthusiastic participants, including some familiar happy faces from Turku.

The presentations were refreshing with some live interactive questionnaires during the presentations and of course, many breath-taking images and video clips! At the end of each talk an array of hands were always waiting to ask questions.

At the end of day one, Dr Teng Leong Chew introduced the advanced imaging centre in Janelia research campus, an open platform for researchers to do highly advanced imaging experiments that cannot be done anywhere else in the world. During day two, Leena Meriläinen talked about the Euro-bioimaging platform providing access to imaging instruments in facilities across Europe, allowing researchers to overcome the limitations of available instruments in their institutes.

Teng-Leong Chew (Advanced Imaging Center, Janelia, USA): Presenting advances in light sheet microscopy. 
Image by Ciaran Butler Hallissey.

During the symposium, electron and fluorescence imaging modalities were humorously characterised as “light and dark sides” of microscopy. From a symbolic stance, it’s worth acknowledging how both methodologies converge on grayscale of analysis. Attending events such as these truly shows how the world of microscopy continues looking better and better, with more bright and exciting horizons in sight. Just make sure you have ample storage for all your data!!!

Article by Ciaran Butler Hallissey and Elnaz Fazeli

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