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Published Monday, March 12th, 2018

Position available for Project Researcher position, School of Medicine, Institute of Biomedicine, Kuopio Campus

In the Institute of Biomedicine, we conduct research ranging from population-based studies to basic molecular mechanisms to understand, treat and prevent common chronic diseases, such as Alzheimer´s disease, cancer, and cardiovascular and metabolic diseases. We also host core units of cell imaging, bioinformatics and chromatin research. More information on our research activities is available at

We are seeking a highly motivated and talented researcher with a specific passion for biological imaging techniques to join our imaging team. The imaging unit offers user training and support, including consultation on experimental set-ups, sample preparation and image analysis. Our team supports users in high- and super-resolution imaging of live cells and fixed tissues and cells, as well as molecular dynamics in live cells using our imaging equipment, including two user-friendly confocal microscopes and high-throughput scalable live-cell imaging instruments. Additionally, the unit includes a histology laboratory equipped with modern devices.

The responsibilities of the Project Researcher are: User training, support and other general support activities such as consultation on experimental setups, sample preparation, imaging methods and image analysis. Maintenance of imaging equipment: check-ups and calibrations, management of instrument problems. Development and optimisation of fluorescent staining techniques, imaging methods and analysis. The tasks and duties also include teaching activities according to the applicant’s expertise.

A successful candidate is expected to have at least an MSc degree in biological imaging, cell biology, biochemistry, or in a related field. Experience in imaging software and image analysis as well as in fluorescence/immunofluorescence applications is preferable. The candidate should also have excellent technical and computer skills and excellent written and verbal skills in English. We are looking for a person with good interpersonal and collaboration skills. We also expect good organising skills and capability for independent work.

In evaluating the merits of the applicants, research experience in general and in biological imaging techniques in particular, will be taken into consideration. Additional consideration is given to teaching experience and pedagogical training.

The Project Researcher position is filled for a fixed term from 1.6.2018 to 31.12.2019. Justification of fixed-term employment relationship is the project work including the development of cell imaging unit.

The salary of the position is determined in accordance with the salary system of Finnish universities and is based on levels 4-5 of the job requirement level chart for teaching and research staff (€2,475.31 – 2,865.30/ month). In addition to the job requirement component, the salary includes a personal performance component, which may be a maximum of 46.3% of the job requirement component.

For further information on the position, please contact:
Academy Research Fellow Kirsi Rilla, +358 40 355 3218,,
Senior Researcher Kirsi Ketola, +358 50 329 9984,,
Professor Mikko Hiltunen, +358 40 355 2014,

For further information on the application procedure, please contact:
HR Secretary Eleonora Tikkanen, +358 40 355 3082

A probationary period is applied to all new members of the staff.

The electronic application should contain the following appendices:
A résumé or CV
A list of publications
– Copies of the applicant’s academic degree certificates/ diplomas, and copies of certificates / diplomas relating to the applicant’s language proficiency, if not indicated in the academic degree certificates/diplomas
– A motivation letter
– A short summary of your research background including: research projects, role in each and description of your experience in biological imaging techniques.

The application needs to be submitted no later than 30.3.2018 (by 24.00 hours Finnish time) by using the electronic application form.

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