Image analysis workshop was a success!

Published Thursday, January 11th, 2018


In the fall 2017 Turku BioImaging was piloting a weekly Image analysis workshop for local researcher to help them Wrap-up their data before Christmas. The workshop was a success!

The purpose of the workshop was to help local scientists to solve their image analysis problems as well as guide them how to improve the acquisition of their images. Additionally we wanted to find out about the image analysis service needs in the BioCity campus, as well as find out which groups actually need assistance with analysing their images.

The workshop was organised weekly, in a first come, first served kind of way. The researchers could come and present their problem and we tried to solve it during the workshop, or if the problem was more extensive, the solution was offered in the following weeks workshop.

There were total of 5 researchers participating. Their image analysis problems varied from wound healing assays and tracking to tile image reorganisation. All the 5 problems were solved during the workshop.

The feedback from the workshop was excellent! All participants found the workshop useful and would like to participate again if there would be a similar workshop in the future. All the participants would even recommend the workshop to their colleagues.

The workshop was coordinated by Joanna Pylvänäinen and Kai-Lan Lin, with three scientific advisors; Camilo Guzmán, Elena Tcarenkova and Sami Koho.

Turku BioImaging will look into possibilities for having a similar workshop during the spring 2018. More information about the course and the image analysis help, please contact Joanna Pylvänäinen

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