John Eriksson was awarded a prize for successful research

Published Friday, October 6th, 2017


The head of Turku BioImaging, John Eriksson, was awarded a prize for successful research 

Professors Ria Heilä-Ylikallio and John Eriksson were today awarded prizes for successful research activities at Åbo Akademi University.

Chancellor Ulrika Wolf-Knuts awarded two prizes: Christina Prize 2017 (‘Kristinapriset’) and Gadd Prize 2017 (‘Gaddpriset’). The prize winners were selected on specific criteria, such as the supervision of doctoral students, number of own publications, success in raising external funding for research and special achievements for the benefit of the researcher community.

The prize sum of 20,000 euro per professor will be allocated to the subject the prize winner represents. The prizes are part of Åbo Akademi University’s rewarding system.

Gadd Prize 2017 went to John Eriksson, Professor in Cell Biology in the Faculty of Science and Engineering. The research of John Eriksson focuses on the relationship how cell shapes and movements interact with the decision-making processes of the cell, i.e. cell signaling. On the other hand, the cell signaling determines how cells move across different surfaces and in tissues. The surrounding structures, in turn, are landmarks for the cells where to go and where to attach. These processes are especially important when tissues and wounds are healed or, for example, in conjunction with chronic wounds or tissue degeneration. The research needs advanced microscopy and, consequently, Eriksson has worked actively to get world class bioimaging instrumentation to Turku.

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